Flooded Chiller - 2nd Generation

Capacity range 480 to 4200 kW

• Unrivalled efficiency

• Industry leading low refrigerant charge

• Unrivalled flexibility with the FlexSys control

• Compact size

FlexSys Control

Compact Modular Chiller

Capacity range 300 to 2400 kW

• Superior dependability

• Micro refrigerant charge

• Fits through most doors and lifts

• Smallest footprint per ton

Scroll and Screw Chillers

Compact Modular Chillers

• Lowest installation cost and superior dependability

• Fits through most doors and lifts with
add on flexibility for increased cooling requirements

• Peak economy at all loads

• Sophisticated MV7 Control

SRA145 (Scroll)
Capacity Range 67.5 - 1080

SRW145 (Scroll)
Capacity Range 77 – 1232kW

Full technical and after sales support.
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Case Studies

MagLev Chiller in Winery, Hunter Valley, NSW, Australia
First Creek Winery, a vineyard in the Hunter Valley (NSW) retrofitted one of 3 existing Carrier Chillers with a Mutlistack MagLev™ Water Cooled Flooded Chiller.
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